Meet Our Experts

Our experts are some of the most accomplished university graduates hailing from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Engineering University, University of Edinburgh, Michigan State University, University of Melbourne, & more!

Mohsin Baweja

Founder & CEO

Mr. Mohsin Baweja with the mission of “Guiding the Misguided'', and the vision, “Our students come FIRST in everything” has changed the dynamics of education counseling in Pakistan by providing expert opinions that help students choose the right educational path. Mentoring and coaching students for more than two decades, he works directly with the students and parents to develop solutions and goals to create an easier path to success. His stringent policies related to quality and ethics work rigorously to help students achieve their full potential and mark their places in prestigious universities across the world.

Hassan Baweja

Managing Director

Hassan M. Baweja has been associated with Success Factor since its inception and has played a key role in building the brand. After graduating from Michigan State University in 2007, he pursued the dream of an entrepreneur with multiple startups and successful exits. In 2018, he joined Success Factor as Managing Director and Senior Counselor. He loves to share experiences and create new ones, and his students are on the top of the list.

Sana Umair

Director Sales & Services

With the experience of over 10 years, Sana Umair Director Sales & Services works with individual students from various backgrounds in developing and refining their career goals and paths by guiding and coaching them to land into their dream institutes.

Zainab Malik

Head of Marketing

Having a Master's level education in a field as highly versatile as commerce from one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, working as a Head of Marketing at Success Factor, Zainab Malik is involved with strategizing, leading, and executing marketing activities and building the brand image of Success Factor.

Umair A. Sheikh

Head of Global Relations

Having an MBA in Marketing Management from the Institute of Business Management, Umair Ahmed Sheikh is responsible for building bilateral relations with marketing competitors and heading the admissions department at Success Factor. Been associated with Success Factor for the last 8 years, his expertise lies in placements in Australia and UK.

Umair Azhar

Branch Operations Manager Karachi

Umair Azhar is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh with his majors in Human Resource and Strategic Management, enduring the vision of Success Factor with his diverse expertise in the UK bound students he plays a vital role in ensuring the academics of student meets the best possible fit, this is strategized adequately to augment the attributes of students with the universities developed based on (Dream, Realistic and Safety) choices.

Kanza Rizwan

Branch Operations Manager Islamabad

Based in Islamabad, Kanza Rizwan has been servicing and counseling students with pride for the last 9 years. Kanza strives to support and guide students to identify the right career path for them and provide guidance to move forward towards their future goals. She has successfully placed a various number of students in the Russell group institutions like the University of Glasgow, King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London, and many more.

Khadija Rehman

College Counselor

Khadija Rehman has a master's degree in International Relations, having more than 6 years of experience working in the education industry, she works closely with students as a supportive, committed, compassionate, and friendly counselor. Raising the flag of Success Factor’s motto and eager to provide the students with a positive direction for their academic well-being, Khadija has mastered the art of working with both undergraduate and postgraduate students, fulfilling their dreams of getting into top-ranked universities of the US and UK.

Ruhma Salah ud Din


Ruhma Salah ud Din has been working with Success Factor for the past 2 Years catching student's learning capacity and their desired course to the perfect fit of university and country for them. She is an expert in Canada and the USA yet her students are able to secure admissions in Imperial and Cambridge as well. Her expertise lies in Financial aids and Scholarships. Her students are currently studying in prestigious universities such as McGill, University of Toronto, New York University, Cornell University, and many more.

Ayesha Ghaus

Asst.Branch Operations Manager Lahore

Ayesha Ghaus is a Business Graduate and has been serving success factor with her tremendous services for the past 3 years during which she successfully placed students around the USA, UK, and Australia in leading universities such as Business School(formerly CASS), Northeastern University, and many more along with successful visa outcomes. She is an expert in applications and visa services, in short, an All-Rounder.

Iris Anslem

Senior Visa Coordinator

Iris Anslem, associated with the education industry for the past 10 years. She is currently the go-to resource in the Visa & compliance team at Success Factor, having expertise in the student visa process and documentation compiling.

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