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We have combined education with adventure to bring you our Bespoke Educational Tours to your possible study abroad destination. From tours that cover Study in the US in New York or Boston to tours that cover Study in the UK in London. Education should be a fun learning experience and we help you get that experience hands-on before you decide to study abroad in the top universities of the world. These educational tours provide a full real-time experience of studying abroad.

Experiencing Educational Life

Bespoke Ed tours give you an opportunity to attend lectures in real-time and experience living in dormitories. It is important for any student to explore campus life to fully understand how they are going to spend the important years of their life while studying. The quality of education is also linked with the facilities that an educational institute provides for its students such as fully-equipped classrooms and halls, extensive resources in the library, cafeterias, and outdoor natural environments that facilitate healthy learning. Does the cafeteria offer Hilal food or not? You get to find out for yourself during your campus tour. The most important aspect of these educational tours is that not only do you get to meet alumni but the current students of the university who are registered in your desired courses so that you can talk to them and understand what studying and living in the best universities of the world is like.

Experiencing Social Life

Education is the most important aspect of you deciding to go and study abroad but you are going to spend a significant amount of your life at that place and during that time you need to socialize with other students and like-minded people. Socializing with the right crowd is also an important part of learning and we make sure you get to experience that aspect. Moving to a new country is a huge decision and before you make that decision, we want to help you get acclimatized to city life. You get to explore the daily commute options, food and social hangouts, grocery and daily essential stores, furniture and daily living stores, workshops, libraries, parks, and more. You also get to explore tourist destinations nearby that have historic significance as well as immerse into a full adventure that cities like London, New York, and Boston offer.


A city defined by its unique culture and rich history, London is
peppered with an array of iconic landmarks and world-class museums – a fascinating study destination for a range of


The best way to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math is to follow in the footsteps of inventors.
Learn from some of the most well-regarded scientific institutions in the world.


When it comes to New York City, the only constant is change. Experience the cultural capital of the world where education comes alive with inspiration, originality, and collaboration. Explore an in-depth look at life in the Big Apple.

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