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COVID -19, A New Perspective to Education

Come forth 2020, life has changed. I talk in terms of education. Things aren’t the same anymore. Where we used to be scolded for missing a single day in school, now we are rarely permitted to enter the premises.

I want to talk about my experience with online education. How the shift affected me. And no this isn’t a sob story about it ruining my chance to get “Good Grades”, rather it is about progressing as a society towards a future with more opportunities. As it started out, it wasn’t great. New things are always hard to adjust to, sometimes impossible but they can also be a surprise in disguise. I’ve always felt that, coming into this new university year. Probably, based on online education. It won’t be as bad as last year, rather it’ll be a new and a better experience.

So let’s begin where we started of. March, 2020. Covid breaks out. Everything is closed. There is no more education. Schools closed for a month. Life at it’s lowest. Gradually we move onto Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. However, internet issues, the lack of teacher’s understanding make it a menace to study on. My speakers are fuzy. I don’t have time to buy even good headphones. I don’t know how I will make it through my A Levels.

It doesn’t get better soon. My first exams come. I am blank. Everyone is cheating their way through them but it would be against my code of honor. I suffer badly but my respect stays in tact, and my moral code. Nevertheless, I have to adjust to this system. Sooner or later, this isn’t going to end. Schools are not reopening soon.

Time passes and I have a better set up, my teacher feel more competent and even though recorded lectures are hard to keep up with and even though I prefer direct conversations I notice how I can rewatch things to or missed classes to stay on track.

I’m obviously unable to manage things until my schools open. I’m already alot of lectures behind but no worries the normal has returned right? Schools close again in December and this is when I have to face the reality that this won’t go away soon. I realize I need to prepare again the topics I don’t remember. How would I? Wait! The online lectures, recorded. That’s a huge turn around. And this time it isn’t even hard adjusting to online classes. I have a firmer grip. Every teacher is making a commendable effort. And this recording system isn’t going away soon.

And then my exams approach. School has been closed for the 3rd time now. I’m not even sure if I’ll pass them and it’s not a lie that my expectations are low considering the situation. I won’t say we came out better with the online system, heck we didn’t even have time to complete our syllabus.

However, the thing is. Look into the near future. There’s more to the online system. Classes may and will resume physically soon but it doesn’t mean the online system has to go. It’s a blessing, to be able to record your lectures, to have the ability to take them from home. Take my friend for example who lives 25 kilometers from school. Why have the need to travel for 2 hours to attend just one lecture. Yes you should come to school on important and most days but some days when your sick, why not attend classes from home.

And that’s how I conclude. It has been a very rough and tiring journey but I would reckon that covid even though it is a menace has somehow brought us together as a society and pushed us to move forwards. For challenges lead us to get out of our comfort zone and develop. And that is the story of online learning.