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How to Ace SAT?


The SAT is the key to most of the universities. By reading this article, you will get to know what the SAT is, what sections it is composed of, and what you should know about the new changes to the SAT.


The SAT is the exam that will permit you access to different universities. It is the most recognized exam to gain admission to universities, so you will have to become acquainted with it. The exam consists of only two sections: Reading/Writing and Math, which include reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics. Now, the million-dollar question among young students is how are they going to score my exam? Well, each of the two parts of the SAT is scored on a scale of 200 to 800 points, so 1600 is the highest score you can get.


You have 100 minutes to complete the first section of the exam and 80 in the second section, so you have 3 hours in total to take the exam. To successfully ace this exam, you will have to focus on the following aspects; On the first part, you will have to focus a lot on the analysis of literature, social studies, and experimental subjects, as well as the dictionary part inside a realistic context, with sections for review, editing, and text understanding. The second part, mathematics, focuses a lot on algebra, equations, and interpretation of data through tables and graphs.

I should mention that the SAT has an optional part: the essay. The essay lasts 50 minutes and obliges the student to analyze the arguments of an author. You must do this part at least once. Apart from this, I would like to tell you that if you search online, you will find information about the exam. Still, since 2016 “The new SAT”, focused on a more practical part in each of the two sections and the use of vocabulary that you should find and use in university classes, has come into use. Here I summarize the six main points of this new SAT:


From now, it will include more frequent and current words that you will use in college, like “empirical” or “synthesis”. In my theory, this is a significant change, and also, students who prepare for the TOEFL can use almost the same vocabulary.

Penalties Are Eliminated

Previously, you would have been penalized for incorrectly answering a question. Well, that rule is history, and now you can say ciao to deciding to risk answering a question or leave it blank. So, do not overlook and never leave a new question.

New Ratings

Or not so unique. I return to the old days of the SAT, so the maximum score is no longer 2400, but now 1600. As indicated above, the Critical Reading and Writing sections will be combined for a score of 800, and the Math portion also has a maximum of 800 points.

Unification of Reading and Writing

In this instance, the change involves the use of texts more similar to those used on the TOEFL. That is to say, academic books from different subjects of natural and social sciences. Even so, don’t forget that the SAT continues to include texts from novels from more than a century ago, which are sometimes difficult to understand. What they are trying to do is use texts and the vocabulary that is as close as possible to those used in university courses.

Why is SAT Important?

Most universities demand SAT Scores: If you’re applying to university, you will practically need to submit SAT scores for the USA and Canada. Now, any institute that needs these scores will accept the SAT or the ACT (or both, if you’re so inspired). Taking the SAT or ACT, thus means holding a substantial number of options open that would otherwise be connected to you.


You will be able to qualify for many scholarships on your SAT or ACT scores.

What is the SAT Pattern?

  • Minutes per math question | 1:23
  • Minutes per reading question | 1:15
  • Minutes per writing/English question | 0:48

The SAT Plans Its Reading Questions: SAT Reading questions come in the management of the series of each paragraph, complete with line products to help you find the point of source.


The SAT Is Massive on Algebra, Light on Geometry and Trig: Geometry and trigonometry are already on the SAT.


The SAT Doesn’t Spread too many Math Theories. If you strive with fewer nitty-gritty questions like these but have understood algebra sensibly well, the SAT might be the supreme test to take than ACT.


The SAT Essay Is a Bookish Analysis Task: You don’t have to argue a particular opinion or cross judgment about any factious case’s moral perfection on the SAT essay.


Today, taking the SAT seems to be the choice most college-bound learners make. There is, in fact, an outstanding reason for this guide; as explained above, these tests can help you find your way into university, get a scholarship to fund.